THE Solid Charity

Surfing is our passion, we live the dream and we are thankful for it. Unfortunately we are aware that the world is not only a happy place, not everyone, environment or animal, can share that same fortunate position or will have the same chances as we did. Therefore we decided, when we launched Solid Surf House in 2014, that not only our aim was to provide our guests the best holiday they can wish for we also thought about how we could contribute to society and the environment in a substantial way.

In bali we support the local dogs. Bali is known for their own “breed” the “Bali” dog. A very loyal friendly, protective and unique independent character type of dogs. The owners of Solid Bali own about 9 dogs together. 1 office dog, 4 at Jordy`s place and 4 at Berryls place. The dogs in Bali which are frequently subject to mistreatment and dog meat tradings in East Asia are threatened. We adopt the “worst” cases and support them just as long as they get a permanent adoption. The worst cases mean: dogs that almost were found dead and in such a poor condition that they needed treatment or help desperately. Recovery is mostly very costly and voluntarily programs such as BARC have a hard time to cope with the finance. We decided to take a share in that and adopt virtually 2 dogs until they find their forever home. After that we will continue with supporting 2 new dogs doing this we hope we can contribute in a positive way and make the dog lives a little better. If you want to read more about what BARC is doing you can read that here: https://barc4balidogs.org