Have you ever dreamed of being one of those surfers who rides barrels and does astonishing maneuvers? It seems really fun to ride a wave with a short board, doesn’t it? Well it is indeed really fun, but it also takes a long time to get there. Leave the fantasy of having a short-yet-sexy-looking board just for now. Many of the surfing gurus suggest beginners don’t use a short board. Why? Because short boards require some skills that need to be honed for quite a while, whereas you are at the novice stage. So which board do you actually need to use at beginner level? The answer is a longboard.

You might think that it isn’t cool to ride that big chunky foam board, but it will help you a lot. Longboards have a greater volume, which will help you to practice your paddling techniques, understand waves and take off with ease. However there are lots of surfers who really enjoy riding a longboard (just not a foam one for beginners), and you might fall in love with that type of board as well!Solid Surf House

At our houses in Bali and Taghazout, we have two types of longboard—soft-top and hard-top—that will help you to practice your surfing skill in a way that suits you. The soft-top, as its name suggests, has a basic design with a foamy surface to protect you from the impact when you get a wipe out, but this doesn’t  mean that you won’t hurt yourself if you are not paying attention to the rules. You will probably get a bit of rash from the friction between the board and your skin, but don’t worry, we provide a rash guard for you. Since the top surface is made from foam, you won’t need any wax for this type of longboard. The hard-top, where you can get the ‘waxing your surfboard’ experience, has less buoyancy than the soft-top since it is made from a fiberglass.
When you surf with us, you will usually go with the soft-top if you never surfed before and then our instructor will tell you when you are ready for the hard-top based on your progress.Magazine 3

Once you ‘master’ this type of board you can start to consider trying different shapes, sizes and lengths of board, such as the fun-board which is a good board for the transition from the longboard to the short if you want to take things a step at a time.

So, are you ready for your surfing experience with us?