This year on the 9th of March 2016 the sky will be bright and free from pollution. The songs of birds and calls of insects will seem louder than on the other days. No one is allowed to come out of their houses. There will be no sound from stereos or TVs, no lights will be on, nofire will be lit, no offices will be running no airplanes will arrive or depart. No entertainment, only a time for self-reflection and that’s how Balinese people celebrate their New Year, 1938.bali-nyepi-day-festival-parade-6

Different from other kinds of New Year celebrations, which usually involvemassive fireworks, loud music and a party-mood, the Hindu-Balinese people start their New Year with prayer, asking to god to purify their human nature (Bhuana Alit) and universe (Bhuana Agung).

However the evening prior they celebrate it with a big parade where Ogoh Ogoh Monsters will steal the show in the Ngrupuk parade, but from mid-night Bali will turn into a ghost town for 24 Hours! Everything will shut down, shops, trafic, flights etc.

The Nyepi is a Hindu-Balinese holiday, all non-Hindu residents and visitorsmust follow the rules as well, and that includes the Solid Surf & Yoga House in Bali. Even without the usual surfing & yoga routines in the house, the Nyepi Holiday is one of the best experiences that you could actually have during your stay in Bali. Nyepi Day changes every year with the dates. Nyepi in 2018  will be on the 28th of March.

Can you imagine this in Bali? Empty streets!?


But no worries here are some suggestions for enjoying Nyepi Day  in our surf house:

  • Stock up the day before (munchies, canned food, ciggies, etc)


  • Make sure you have some books or DVDs
  • Do yoga by yourself (of course in silence)
  • Watch the stars from the pool area when night falls
  • Meditate

And if you decide to leave the island you could go and visit:

  • Nyepi Fiesta ’16 in Gili


  • Kawah Ijen, East Java


– Mount Bromo, East Java


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