It can be the guy with dreadlocks, wearing hippy clothes and leather flipflops, but it can also be the business man, dressed sharp in an expensive suit; more and more men are getting enthusiastic about yoga. Yoga has been added to the training of athletes in lots of different disciplines, including surfing (for example: multiple times world champion Kelly Slater and big wave surfer Greg Long). Especially for surfing, the benefits of practicing yoga are incredible. 

Yoga finds it’s origin in India, where over 5000 years ago the first yoga practices were designed. Build to unite mind, body and soul. The practices as in the old day’s included a lot of meditation. The present variety is mainly focused on the physical side, therefore yoga has developed into an accessible practice for everyone.  

The reason why yoga is beneficial for surfing is due to the fact that yoga training teaches balance, body control, flexibility, breathing, focus and relaxation. This is why we offer you daily yoga classes during your stay at the Solid Surf and Yoga House. We strongly advise to take them. If you haven’t tried it before, your stay at the surf camp is exactly the right time to give it a shot. Yoga is the ideal warm-up for a day of surfing and it reduces the risk of a surf injury.