In the past, vacations were normally to a hotel or resort, but then I fell in love with surfing and things changed. I wanted to go on surf trips, meet like minded people and explore new places. As a solo traveler, I figured that going to a hotel or resort might prevent me from having the full experience and so I came to the idea to go to hostels instead.

I had no clue what to expect of shared rooms or dorms and I had heard some pretty bad stories about nasty rooms, dirty beds and weird fellow travelers. Yet I was willing to find out for myself how it would be. The horror stories came out to be worst case scenario’s which I never had to experience over the past four years.  Some camps, hostels and dorm are cleaner than other, but overall, things are pretty well arranged. Especially if you can check online reviews first.

Staying in a dorm in a surf camp is not much different from staying in a private room. You’ll be out more than in the room anyway. For some, it might feel a dorm would result in having no privacy, but if the time you spend in the room is mostly to sleep, privacy isn’t that valuable. You and the others will have the eyes closed and be dreaming.

My experiences in shared rooms and dorms are mostly great. Some are even as luxurious that it was way better than a cheap crappy hotel room. I have a couple of friends who enjoy traveling solo and always go to hostels, even when there are similar priced private options available in hotels, B&B’s or home stays. Just to be sure they’ll meet fun people. It’s also how I met many of my international friends.

The days where shared rooms and dorms meant sleeping in a crappy bed, in the breath of your neighbor, are over if you pick the right places. At the Solid Surf and Yoga House, the shared rooms have four beds, are spacious, clean and modern. My advice; if you travel solo, save yourself the extra money you would be spending on a private room and use it to have more fun while being on your holiday.