The Mentawai Also Suitable For Beginners and Intermediate Surfers?

The Mentawai Also Suitable For Beginners and Intermediate Surfers?

Solid Surf House, located near Sipora Island in the Mentawai, is not just a destination for experienced surfers but also offers plenty of options for beginners and intermediate surfers. With its beautiful beaches and consistent waves, the Mentawai is an ideal spot for those looking to improve their skills or try surfing for the first time.

Solid Surf House provides a range of beginner-friendly surf options in the area. One of the popular spots right around the corner of Solid Surf House is Tikus, which offers gentle waves suitable for beginners and longboards. Even when it is big, Tikus remains a friendly barreling wave. With its sandy beach and mellow breaks, Tikus is the perfect place to start catching waves and gaining confidence on the board, especially for longboarding enthusiasts.

For intermediate surfers looking to progress to the next level, Telescopes is an excellent choice. Located on the northwest coast of Sipora Island, near Solid Surf House, Telescopes provides a more challenging wave with both left and right-hand breaks. It’s a great opportunity for intermediates to fine-tune their skills and improve their surfing technique.

Additional Surfing Spots

Another spot worth mentioning is Hookers, which offers a consistent left-hand wave that suits beginners and intermediates alike. This wave breaks over a reef, creating an enjoyable and manageable ride for surfers of different skill levels.

Lastly, Icelands is a true wave magnet when the forecast shows small waves, making it an option for more intermediate surfers. It provides a quality left-hand wave that can get fast and powerful. With its long rides and potential for bigger waves, Icelands offers a thrilling experience for those seeking to push their limits and progress their surfing abilities.

Advanced Surfing Options

But let’s not forget the advanced and pro surfers among us. Additionally, Solid Surf House ensures advanced and professional surfers receive professional guidance and access to any spot they desire within a 40km range, with over 40 surf spots to choose from. Whether it’s the famous breaks like Rifles or lesser-known gems, the experienced team at Solid Surf House will guide advanced surfers to find the waves that suit their level and preferences.


In summary, Solid Surf House near Sipora Island in the Mentawai caters to beginners and intermediate surfers with a variety of beginner-friendly options such as Tikus, Telescopes, Hookers, and Icelands. Additionally, advanced and professional surfers can enjoy the professional guidance and access to a wide range of surf spots within a 40km radius.