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Where are we ?

Solid Surf House is the original and only operator of the 4 – 8 -12 week ISA surf instructor courses in Bali. The Solid Surf Instructor Course  ISA & LS  – Level 1 and Level 2 is the only 4-8-12 week programme World Wide that is officially endorsed by the ISA president (International Surf Association). On the ISA website our ISA presenter: Dean Gough, will register the courses on behave of Solid Surf House.

Our Surf Camp Bali | Canggu is the basis for our Surf Instructor Course. We are based on the West Coast of Bali close to the ocean and many surfspots. The Surf Camp Bali is one of our most perfect located Surf Camps we own and right in the heart of trendy Canggu and with just a stones throw away from the ocean it is a perfect spot to stay.

Canggu is a laid back yet a lively coastal town in the south west of Bali and is best known for its great choice & quality restaurants, clubs, beach parties, longboard spots, world-class surf breaks, panoramic views and legendary sunsets beers. It is just a great place to be and one of the most popular destinations in the world!

Our Surf Camp Bali is situated in a quiet dead end street with no traffic, but just a walk out of our street you will find places like The Vault, Deus, Old Mans & Beach Club: Finns. For sure for the surf you also don`t have to look very far then just down our street. Within a short distance you will find the best surf spots like: Brawa (Atlas Club), Batu Bolong, Old Mans (The Lawn), Echo beach and many other famous surf breaks. The surf is suitable for all levels,beginners to experts, as we are close to the most variable set up in Bali. Perfect for beginners, long boarders but also advanced & pro surfers.real

You will enjoy your surf holiday in our comfortable boutique style feel Surf Camp, surrounded in a very lush set up with tropical palms & Balinese flowers. A bar is available to order some cocktails or to get a ice cold iconic Bintang beer if that does not help you to relax then a refreshing pool with jacuzzi is waiting for you as well to blow off the tropical heat of the day. 

The Surf Camp Villa offers 9 high quality-standard mosquito free AC bedrooms with private bathroom. Our bathrooms have proper pressure and well working hot water. Our Villa facilitates also a yoga roof with an amazing 180 degrees view over Canggu, a Jacuzzi & swimming pool with a large outdoor Movie screen, a bar, a pool table, high speed Wifi and lots more to make your holiday comfortable.

Food & Drinks is what Bali is famous for. The excellent Asian kitchen full of flavors is well represented in Canggu, Bali. Not only local foods are available everywhere but also many high standard and well established concepts ranging from Italian to Indian foods. For the Dutch there is even kroketten available! 

We serve at Solid a la carte menu focussed on the Indo / Thai kitchen but also included some world wide classics that everyone loves! Freshly made with high quality ingredients prepared by our in house chef! Expect Pad Thai, Thai Green Curries, Nasi Goreng, Big Boy Burgers, Indian Butter Chicken, broodje Kroket and more classic on our menu. 

The food can be topped off with a drink from our bar where we serve, sodas, variety of beers and cocktails made by our bar tender. Famous cocktails as the Long Island Ice Teas, Snake Bite, Sangria, Gimlets are one of the classics that can not missed out on.

The Solid Surf Academy  ISA & ILS  – Level 1 and Level 2 is the only 4, 8 & 12 week programme World Wide that is officially endorsed by the ISA (International Surf Association) and Indonesian Surf Federation.

We offer course only options, as well as a 1 week stay incl ISA course as well as a complete program that starts at 4 – 8 & 12 weeks.

In those 4, 8 or 12 weeks time we try to get you ready for the level 1 or 2 ISA & ILS (International Life Saving)  course that is linked to the program. We included tuition manuals, interning hours, life saving exercises to give you a head start on the actual course. We offer for the 8 and 12 weeks also a Free Dive / Surfival Apnea training. But this is not all there is lots more included such as Island Trip to Lombok – Gland area and day excursions to the famous Lembongan Island.

You will be out surfing and coached twice a day by our qualified ISA & ILS surf instructors and their assistances. So even when you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer they will guide, develop and work with you towards successfully passing of your 5 days ISA & ILS course that is hosted by an ISA representative. The 5 days ISA & ILS does exist out of lessons, training, analysing and the final examination and is hosted by our representative. normally The course normally takes place in just two days but we offer a min of 5 days course.

This 8 and 12 weeks program is also suitable for surfers that want to improve their surfing skills and can be booked without the ISA and ILS exams for a 5% discount.

The 4 weeks program is only eligible for surfers that are already good surfers, a min L4 surf level, and just want to have a 4 week surf getaway to get their ISA & ILS level 1 or 2 certificate, this 4 weeks programme has less inclusions as the 8 and 12 weeks program.

On average you can expect the following during your stay with us. You will be out surfing 6 times a week, average twice a day. But do not worry if you want more sessions you can take your scooter including board rack, which we have included in your package, and go out for a surf session on your own or with your surf mates. Every Sunday we have a ‘restday’ on these days you’re free to do whatever you want, maybe even more surfing. Not every Sunday have to be a boring day off, we scheduled every other week a nice excursion so you can really soak up some of Indonesian finest scenery and get you to experience that real Bali feeling. More about the type of excursions will be introduced below. 

During your stay here we want to make sure you become a well rounded surfer as this is a very important aspect of being a great surfer and instructor. To assure this we make use of the amazing waves Indonesia has on offer. We will take you on several trips to the famous G-land and trips to Lombok. But Bali itself has many famous and infamous breaks that you will be surfing as well. One of the best ways to learn surfing is not only by doing it as much as possible, but also seeing yourself surf to be able to understand potential mistakes you’re making. So during your training you will be filmed and photographed a lot so we can work on your personal development. This will be discussed one time a week during our video analysing, where you will not only analyse yourself but also will analyse others as the most you can learn actually by look at others! We have also scheduled theory evenings where will discus safety, surfing rules and many other important part of surfing.

Of course we also have time to party! Definitely not unimportant to relax and unwind from all the surfing and scheduled activities. You can enjoy at our bar a nice drink, beer or cocktail but also order food from our restaurant that is serving a la carte Asian Specialties and World Classics according original recipe`s.

Of course you are here for surfing, but that is definitely not all that we or Bali has to offer! During your stay here you can expect for one, to make friends for life and being based in once place a little longer allows you to experience Bali and Indonesia from a completely different perspective then the average tourist. Canggu, which is where you will be staying is, with very good reason, a place where many people like to return to during their trip around bali or Indo. Sandy beach parties, lush green rice paddies, heaps of cool and interesting people, even cooler locals and the food is to die for! And this will be your home for at least 3 whole months! 

To be able to really connect and interact with the local people, we also provide bi-weekly Bahasa lessons. This is the national Language of Indonesia. As mentioned before we also offer several trips around Indonesia, below are some video’s for you to get an idea of what you can expect from these awesome trips!


  • The only official endorsed 12 week program endorsed by the ISA
  • We are the real operator of the ISA 12 week program, book directly without an agency!
  • You want to become a surf instructor but you are not fully ready to take the ISA exam yet.
  • You’re looking for a 12 weeks epic gap year surf adventure in Indonesia.
  • You want the sandy beaches to be your lifetime office like ours.
  • You’re on a gap year and want to do something very cool.
  • Meet like-minded surfers from all over the world
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Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Camp Bali - Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Camp Portugal - Surf Camp Mentawai - SURF INSTRUCTOR COURSE


The best price value package

  • Breakfast
  • All rooms with private bathrooms & A/C
  • Towels Service (not for the beach)
  • Free Flow Water
  • Wifi
  • Pool table
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Jacuzzi & Swimming pool
  • Bar Service
  • Daily cleaned rooms
  • 24/7 Surf house team onsite
  • Arrival on any day and time
  • Airport Pick Up

Intermediate & advanced

  • Surf East, South and West Coast
  • Surf Outer Reefs By Boat

For All Levels

  • Free Dive / Surf Survival Training
  • Weekly Surf School Interning
  • ISA L1 or L2* Course & Modules

For All Levels

  • Lombok 3 nights / 4 days surf trip*
  • G-land 3 nights / 4 days surf trip**
  • Lembongang 3 nights / 4 days surf trip

For All Levels

  • Bi-Weekly group session
  • Unlimited use of the skateboards

Weekly session p.p (all levels)

Two nights a week

Free Inclusions

  • Wild Water Rafting*
  • Snorkeling Lembongan Island
  • Bali Central Trip**
  • Scooter Rental
  • BBQ weekly


  • Softdrinks, Alcohol & restaurant: à la carte
  • Airport Transfer: 300.000 IDR (Roughly €20,-) one way per car
  • Surf Insurance – Better surf than sorry: € 35,- p.p.p.w.


* Surf Skate from 15 December `22
* ISA L2 can be done 1 year after L1
* Is excluded for 8 & 4 Weeks
** Is excluded for 4 Weeks


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Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Camp Bali - Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Camp Portugal - Surf Camp Mentawai - SURF INSTRUCTOR COURSE


Shared Room
12 weeks package package incl ISA course

Shared Room

12 weeks

5750,- per 12 weeks
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Towel & Linnen Service
  • Comfortable Bunk with stairs
  • Private Power Plug & Reading Light
  • Wifi 100 Mbps
Shared Room
8 weeks package package incl ISA course

Shared Room

8 weeks

4630,- per 8 weeks
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Towel & Linnen Service
  • Comfortable Bunk with stairs
  • Private Power Plug & Reading Light
  • Wifi 100 Mbps
Shared Room
4 weeks package package incl ISA course

Shared Room

4 weeks

2715,- per 4 weeks
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Towel & Linnen Service
  • Comfortable Bunk with stairs
  • Private Power Plug & Reading Light
  • Wifi 100 Mbps
Shared Room
1 week package package incl ISA course

Shared Room

1 week

per week
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Towel & Linnen Service
  • Comfortable Bunk with stairs
  • Private Power Plug & Reading Light
  • Wifi 100 Mbps
Deluxe Ensuite Room
12 weeks package incl ISA course

Double Room

Price per person per 12 weeks

12 weeks : 6950,-
Single room: 7450,-
Deluxe Ensuite Room
8 weeks package incl ISA course

Double Room

Price per person per 8 weeks

8 weeks: 5430,-
Single room: 5990,-
Deluxe Ensuite Room
4 weeks package incl ISA course

Double Room

Price per person per 4 weeks

4 weeks: 3115,-
Single room: 3615,-
Deluxe Ensuite Room
1 week package incl ISA course

Double Room

Price per person per 1 week

1 weeks: 879,-
Single room: 1054,-



12 Weeks Course: 01 September

8 Weeks Course: 01 October

4 Weeks Course: 01 November

1 Weeks Course: 10 November


12 Weeks Course: 01 December

8 Weeks Course: 01 January

4 Weeks Course: 01 February

1 Weeks Course: 10 February

12 Weeks Course: 01 March

8 Weeks Course: 01 April

4 Weeks Course: 01 May

1 Weeks Course: 10 May

12 Weeks Course: 01 June

8 Weeks Course: 01 July

4 Weeks Course: 01 August

1 Weeks Course: 10 August


Yes you read that right! We offer a free flight option. This is how it works.

12 Weeks: first 6 bookers receive a FREE flight with the value of  € 690,-


– Book and Pay 100% upfront within 1 week after booking

– Show your booked flight when you are booking with us and we deduct the flight with a maximum of € 690,- per flight per person

– We only have 6 spots very 3 months for the FREE flight option

08 Weeks: No Free Flight

04 Weeks: No Free Flight

01 Weeks: No Free Flight


To be able to enter Bali it requires a full COVID vaccination or a negative PCR test. Please consult your nearest information centre and /or airline for the latest entry/allowance updates about what is considered a full vaccination. It is not possible to claim any rights to advise provided by us. It is the sole responsibility of travelers to inform themselves and comply with the health requirements of the countries of departure, transit and destination.


The Surf Camp Sri Lanka offers a Intermediate & Advanced surf guiding twice a day (2/3 hr sessions) in a group based set up of max 4/5 surfers per guide.

Every surf guide has its own surf group for that day which is assembled based on the level of the surfers.

We organise on demand at any time of day a intermediate/advanced surf guiding. This means together with your surf guide you can check what surf spots you would like to surf that day within a distance of 1 hr drive maximum. 

The surf guide will see to it that you can spot a few spots before going in and recommend a spot based on his local knowledge to ensure you will get the best surf that day. You can consult with your surf guide and group of fellow surfers to go for surf spotting first or go directly the first best spot he/she recommends.

We will consider: tides – wind – wave size – currents – crowds and localism into the guiding and as part of our choices where we go.

The sessions are 2/3 hrs per session and are scheduled 2x a day – if we schedule a longer more far-away session then this will be turned into one long session where we spend longer time on one spot. 

This can happen due to lack of waves and we have to go north or south to find spots that are working better with smaller waves. Sometimes it even happens that only 1 or 2 surf spots are working in the entire area. 

Wave size and conditions changes by the day!   

We try to find the best compromises that will benefit the intermediate/advanced surfer as much as possible.

Independent surfers know how to protect themselves but also others when a wipe out happens, can handle unexpected currents, can paddle to the line up and beach back without any guidance, can analyse currents in the water, know where the entry and exit points are, are able to turtle roll and to duck dive, can pass the surf safely without board loss, know how to kick out of a wave, know how to go left and right and do not need to be pushed into a wave by a instructor.

NOTE: Surf Guiding is NOT a surf lesson – it is guided surf!!  There will be no tuition – no constructive feedback or coaching other then the surf guide wants to offer you for that moment voluntary. To book a intermediate/advanced surf you need to be a Level 3 surfer and meet the requirements above. If the surf coach does not deem you to be a L3 intermediate/advanced surfer and you are not able to surf safely for yourself and in particular others the surf coach has the right to cancel the session and schedule you up for the beginners classes we have.


Arrival Airport: Ngurah Rai – Denpasar / Bali (Indonesia)

A one way airport pick up is included in your package for FREE!

No need to worry about your arrival as our driver will be there waiting for you at the airport with our Solid Sign! 

We arrange pick ups 24/7 – 365 days a year!

If you arrive by yourself from a other destination we will arrange a pick up in the region of Seminyak – Canggu – Pererenan – Kuta – Airport – Denpasar for free!

You can also use apps as Gojek – Grab or a regular taxi or private driver. The apps you can download this on your phone and works like any other driver app.

Your drop off we can arrange at 250.000 IDR / 15 euro one way to the airport. Any other location we will check this with our driver or you can use one of the previous mentioned methods. We recommend to use our driver for the aiport drop offs and Gojek or Grab for drop offs in other parts of the island that are not time restricted. For day trips it is easier to use a private driver and hire them by the day.


    Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Camp Bali - Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Camp Portugal - Surf Camp Mentawai - SURF INSTRUCTOR COURSE

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