The story of Solid Surf & Yoga House started in the mellow beach town Zandvoort in the Netherlands, where Jordy Robers opened a surf shop & surf school named Dfrost in the summer of 2006.

Two years later he decided to take the leap and opened Dfrost surf camp in Taghazout together with a local business partner in Morocco. After 5 years of joy, challenges and a lot of experience, Jordy started out on an independent path as the owner of a new Surf Camp company named Solid Surf House.

Solid Surf House had the aim to launch a new concept focusing on an all inclusive package to improve customer service and offer highly competitive rates to create a win win. Transparency is a leading key element – no hidden fees such as surf lessons without a surfboard!

Towards the end of the year 2014 Jordy opened up another Solid Surf House location in Taghazout together with his Moroccan associate Ayoub, who previously worked as the head surf instructor at Dfrost surf camp. 

Ayoub is a passionate fitness guru and surfer and established himself as the most friendly and hospitable co-owner creating a gem of a place in Morocco. With loads of Surf Camp experience and local knowledge he is the right man for the job. He is a ISA certified surf instructor, certified personal trainer a hard working hospital guy that wants nothing but the best for our guests!

Ary, the co-owner from Germany, joined the Solid Surf House family just recently in 2022 and co-owns our newest location in Sri Lanka as well as the Bali location. As a certified ISA surfing instructor he contributes to the quality of the surf guiding and – with his 7 years of professional experience in management consulting – also adds a breeze of the undisputed “German Thoroughness” to our operations.

Our newest co-owner is Thomas from Switzerland and joined us in 2023 as the co-owner of Bali. Swiss quality service and punctuallity is what his watch making background will put into Solid Surf House. Watch out we can never be late! Thomas is a certified ISA surfing instructor and is ready to bring our service level to new standards.

All the hard work, passion and commitment paid off and we now have everything in place to make your stay at Solid Surf & Yoga House a memorable one.

With our simple yet competitive approach we aim to make surfing affordable for everyone. We do so by offering one hassle-free package:

“One Package Fits All”

A package that includes everything at the best rates around.

At Solid we like to keep things intimate by reducing the amount of guests in all of our surf camps. No mass amount of visitors, we are a location where everybody knows your name.

Our dedicated staff will offer you an unforgettable surf and yoga holiday!

Join the Solid Surf Family now !