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Where are we ?

Solid Surf House is the original and only operator of the 4 – 8 -12 week ISA surf course in Sri Lanka. The Solid Surf Instructor Course  ISA & LS  – Level 1 and Level 2 is the only 12 week programme World Wide that is officially endorsed by the ISA president (International Surf Association). On the ISA website our ISA presenter: Dean Gough, has registered the courses on behalf of Solid Surf House.

In Sri Lanka we offer only a 12 weeks course. In these 12 weeks we get you ready for the Level 1 or 2 ISA & LS – Life Saving – course that is linked to the 12 week programme.

If you join our Academy 15th of March to 7th of June you will be based the first 9 weeks in Weligama, located in the South of Sri Lanka. After 9 weeks we will move towards Arugam Bay where the season kicks off. The accommodations we provide have great facilities that are hard to match in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy our facilities like swimming pool, yoga shalla, snooker pool table, cinema, bar and more. P.S if you start 15th of September to 8th of December Arugam Bay will be the starting point and Weligama Bay the ending point.

What can you expect from us: You will be out surfing and coached twice a day by our qualified ISA & ILS surf instructors and their assistants. So even when you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer they will guide, develop, and work with you towards successfully passing your 10 days ISA & LS assessment that is hosted by an official ISA representative.

We will also organise several activities and surf trips and excursions all over the island. Among those excursions you will discover what Sri Lanka is about. We included a 5 day trip when we drive from Weligama to Arugam Bay (March Academy) or from Arugam Bay to Weligama (September Academy). We will make a stop in Ella that is famous for the traditional train ride and the Nine Arches Bridge – among the train ride we will also do hiking – abseiling – zipline and do a safari at Udewallawa National Park. But that is not all as we have lots more included.

This 12 weeks programme is also suitable for surfers that look for a true surf-adventure and want to improve their surfing. This can be booked without the ISA and LS exams for a 10% discount.

Read more in our inclusions.

Cowork&Surf and Surf & Yoga Holidays

Need a payment plan ? Do not worry, contact us now !

More info soon…

More info soon…

More info soon…

More info soon…

Why Us?

  • You want to become a surf instructor but you are not fully ready to take the ISA exam yet.
  • You’re looking for a 12 weeks epic surf adventure in Sri Lanka
  • You want the sandy beaches to be your lifetime office like ours.
  • You’re on a gap year and want to do something very cool.
  • Meet like-minded surfers from all over the world
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Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Camp Bali - Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Camp Portugal - Surf Camp Mentawai - SURF INSTRUCTOR COURSE


The best price value package

  • Welcoming Coconut
  • 12 Weeks stay in a lush Villa with Pool
  • Breakfast Daily included*
  • Dinner 5x p.w included*
  • Board Rental and Rash Guards included
  • Saturday evenings, Free BBQ time at the surf camp!

* not incl on excursions & roadtrips
*Wednesday Day Off

Surf Lessons L1 & L2 & Surf Guiding L3 & L4

  • 6 days a week unlimited surf guiding & Surf Safari: dawn till dusk*
  • Weekly Intern Teacher Training
  • Weekly Video Analysis
  • 3 x a week relaxing evening yoga sessions

For All Levels

  • A-Bay Lagoon Discovery
  • Ella 4 days explore trip incl accommodation, transport
    – Nine Arches
    – Train Ride
    – Zipline
    – Abseiling
    – Hike
  • Udewallawa Safari Park incl. Transport
  • Snorkle Trip Turtle Bay
  • South Coast Trip, Galle Fort, Snake Farm, Turtle Farm, Transport

*All fees are included

For All Levels

  • ISA course & L1 or L2 certificate
  • Theory & Study books
  • Life Saving course & certificate

Free Inclusions

  • Free Solid Tee & Cap
  • Goodbye Party


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* ISA L2 can be done 1 year after L1
* Is excluded for 8 & 4 Weeks
** Is excluded for 4 Weeks

Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Camp Bali - Surf Camp Sri Lanka - Surf Camp Portugal - Surf Camp Mentawai - SURF INSTRUCTOR COURSE

Need a payment plan ? Do not worry, contact us now !




Option 1:

12 Weeks Course: 15 September – 8 December

Option 2:

12 Weeks Course: 15 March – 7 June

Shared Room
12 weeks
more info coming soon

Shared Room

  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • Towel & Linnen Service
  • Comfortable Bunk with stairs
  • Private Power Plug & Reading Light
  • Wifi 100 Mbps

Q4: June`23 – Aug`23


Q3: March`23 – May`23

90% of our students passed

Q2: December`22 – February`23

90% of our students passed

Q1: September`22 – November`22

100% of our students passed

Q4: June`22 – August`22

85% of our students passed

Q3: March`22 – May`22

90% Passed

Q3: March`20 – May`20

Incomplete – Covid –

Q2: December`19 – February`20

100% of our students passed

Q1: September`19 – November`19

90% of our students passed

Q4: June`19 – August`19

95% of our students passed

Q3: March`19 – May`19

90% Passed

Q2: December`18 – February`19

100% of our students passed

Q1: September`18 – November`18

100% of our students passed

Q4: June`18 – August`18

85% of our students passed

Q3: March`18 – May`18

90% Passed

Q2: December`17 – February`18

100% of our students passed

Q1: September`17 – November`17

100% of our students passed


Yes you read that right! We offer a free flight option. This is how it works.

First 3 bookers receive a FREE flight with the value of € 550,-


– Book and Pay 100% upfront within 1 week after booking

– Show your booked flight when you are booking with us and we deduct the flight with a maximum of € 550,- per flight per person

– We only have 3 spots every course available.



For sure yeah for 1000% you can! The majority of our guests come alone. It is a perfect way to become a Solid Family member, meet new friends for life or even find your future soul mate!

  • Summer Clothes
  • Bikin / board shorts
  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen with high protection
  • Mosquitos repellent
  • Beach towel
  • Camera /GoPro
  • Leggings (some people get surf rash from rubbing against the surfboard or get bad sunburns. The simple solution is either a wetsuit or leggings) 
  • Any medical supplies you might need during your trip
  • Good vibes !

Although some surfing experience is recommended, it’s not always necessary to participate in the Surf Instructor course. We have had successful students who went through the Zero to Hero experience, indicating that anyone with a passion for surfing and a willingness to learn can enroll in the course.

To qualify for the Surf Instructor certification, one must possess a combination of essential surf skills and fitness levels. The timed run-swim-run of 200m completed in less than 5 minutes is a crucial component of the course that ensures participants possess the necessary physical stamina to handle the challenging conditions in the water.

In addition to fitness, aspiring surf instructors must also possess a certain level of proficiency in surfing. The ability to paddle out to the back of the waves, execute duck dives, consistently perform pop-ups on green waves, and execute basic maneuvers while turning both left and right are all critical skills that are necessary to obtain the qualification.

The Surf Instructor course is designed to help students develop and improve their surfing proficiency and fitness levels. Through a combination of instruction, practice, and feedback, participants will work on enhancing their skills and abilities. Whether through training drills, group sessions, or individual instruction, the course aims to equip aspiring surf instructors with the skills they need to pass the certification and succeed in their career.

Early starts and early finishes 😉

  • Dawn Patrol Session (various per forecast)
  • 07.30 – 10.00 Breakfast or packed for Dawn Patrol Sessions
  • 09.00 Surf Lessons or Surf Guiding / Interning (various per forecast)
  • 12.00 LUNCH BREAK
  • 13.00 Guided Surf Session
  • 16.00 Surf Skate Session
  • 17.30 Yoga Session
  • 18.00 Happy Hour
  • 19.00 Dinner 
  • 20.00 Movie Night and free popcorn
  • 22.00 Bar Closed – Music off —> Time to party in town!
*note that this is an example day – Surf departure time, breakfast and scheduled sessions are per day different and we schedule them based on the forecast.

Breakfast & Dinner is included in our Sri Lanka package, while the cost of meals can vary greatly. Sri Lankan-style food is available at a lower cost than European-style cuisine, with Chicken Curry costing as low as 3.50 Euro. A European-style dinner with a drink, on the other hand, can cost up to 10,- Euro. On average, lunch  with drinks can cost up to 10,- euro per day. However, if you are a fan of Sri Lankan-style food, the cost can be even lower. The Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its great variety of spices and flavors, your tastebuds will be in overdrive.

No vaccine requirements to enter Sri Lanka!

Travel and cancellation insurance are essential for any traveler, as unforeseen circumstances can arise during any trip. Such circumstances can include accidents, medical emergencies, loss of baggage or passports, and trip cancellations or interruptions. Without insurance, travelers may find themselves facing significant financial losses.

Travel insurance provides coverage for such unforeseen events, ensuring that travelers are protected against financial losses that may arise due to these events. Cancellation insurance, in particular, provides coverage for the expenses incurred when a trip is canceled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thus, having travel and cancellation insurance is crucial for travelers as it offers peace of mind and financial protection during their journeys.

Book and Pay 100% upfront within 1 week after booking no options for payment plan possible.

We discount the flight with a maximum of € 550,- per flight per person. With a bit of luck you will have a free flight.

We only have 3 spots for the FREE flight option available for every course.

First come, first serve policy applies.

08 Weeks: No Free Flight


Arrival Airport

Weligama Bay can be reached by car or train. The new high-way to the south of the country is half the travel time as it used to be.

The rates are based on a car or van wir private chauffeur. The van fits 5 people including luggage. One passenger can also travel by car with a surfboard. In case of several passengers with boardbags, a van is required.

Car: € 85,- one way*

Van: € 110,- one way*

* Prices are subject to change due to changing petrol prices.



Weligama can be reached by train from Colombo – this is the cheapest option available. The train will take about 4 hrs+ to reach the south of Sri Lanka. Tickets can be booked online.

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Ary Heim 🇩🇪

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A min of 99,- Euro is required to sign up for the course. 

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