Solid Surf House Bali & Marokko for Palm Tree Surf Holidays

Fully european owned luxury surf camps  all with ensuite rooms, surfschool, swimming pool and yoga area.

We are located in two of the top ten surfing countries of the world: Taghazout Bay, Morocco & Indonesia, Bali

Bali is the surfers  ultimate dream destination. A perfect blend of the Western meets Indonesian culture. People are friendly – food is insanely good – weather is tropical – the surf is absolutely  world class and above all:  “The Only Neopreen you need in Bali is for Beer “, No wetsuits just boardshorts ! Read more here about friendly Bali…

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Marokko is the ultimate destination where you honestly can say that you far away but yet still close to Europe. A true cultural & inspiring surfer destination. Morocco offers cheap stay, ancient culture and above all world class waves in one Bay! Morocco is a budget friendly all level surfing destination! Read more here about inspiring Morocco…

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Surfing in Bali of Marokko?

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Stay in Marokko or Bali from 199,- euro per week

and sometimes even from  99,-

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  • Netherlands:
    Jordy +31 (0)616 066 467 Whats-app-Business-Card
  • – Bali –
    Berryl +62 (0)822 3759 4817 Whats-app-Business-Card
    Jordy  +62 (0)822 3736 1420 (June-Sept)
  • – Morocco –
    Ayoub +212 (0)676 889 496 Whats-app-Business-Card
    Chris   +212 (0)669 679 894 Whats-app-Business-Card
  • Head Office:
    Jalan Raya Semat – Gang Bekul
    Canggu – Kuta

    – Bali Camp –
    Solid Surf House Bali
    Jalan Raya Semat – Gang Bekul
    Canggu – Kuta

    – Morocco Camp –
    Solid Surf House Morocco
    Oufella Tamraght – Rd.Essaouira
    Taghazout Bay – Morocco

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