Surf Incident Caught on Film

A Shameful Surf Incident Caught on Film

In a Surf Incident Caught on Film , two men have attacked two women in Bali after one of the men dropped in on a wave during a surfing session.

What happened ?

Sara Taylor was dropped in on by a man, who was then directed off the wave by Sara. Everyone knows and is familiar with the surf rules can confirm this is the way it supposed to be going.

However, the man’s friend paddled up to her and punched her in the back of the head. The two men then confronted Sara in the lineup.

The situation escalated further on the beach when Sara and her filmer were confronted by the assailant and then by both men.

This type of behavior is inexcusable and is one of the most pathetic incidents in surfing that we have ever seen.

It is our hope that the Indonesian authorities take swift action against the perpetrators of this attack.

Violence has no place in surfing or any other sport, and those who engage in such despicable acts should be held accountable for their actions. We stand with Sara and all other victims of surf rage and hope that incidents like this never happen again.

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