Surfing in Winter Best Winter Destinations - Bali, Morocco and Sri Lanka

Surfing in Winter Best Winter Destinations: Bali, Morocco and Sri Lanka

Surfing in Winter – Winter is a magical time for surfers, offering swells, crisp air, and uncrowded waves. If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, this season provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. In this article, we’ll explore why Bali, Morocco, and Sri Lanka are not only winter escapes but also perfect havens for those looking to ride the waves.

Embracing Bali’s Warmth in Winter

Bali, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, transforms into a surfer’s haven during winter. The island experiences consistent swells, making it ideal for surfers at all levels. With warm waters and a variety of breaks, Bali caters to beginners eager to catch their first waves and intermediates looking to progress.

Surf Spots for Every Level

  1. Kuta Beach: Perfect for beginners, Kuta offers mellow waves and a supportive surf community.
  2. Padang Padang: Intermediate surfers can challenge themselves with more substantial waves and enjoy Bali’s iconic cliffs.

Morocco: A Winter Wonderland for Wave Riders

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Atlantic Waves and Moroccan Charm

Morocco’s Atlantic coastline comes alive in winter, attracting surfers from around the globe. The charming blend of Moroccan culture and diverse waves makes it an enchanting destination. Beginners will find friendly beach breaks, while intermediates can test their skills on more challenging points.

Surfing Gems in Morocco

  1. Taghazout: A surfing village with a variety of breaks suitable for all levels.
  2. Anchor Point: Famous for its right-hand point break, a dream for intermediate surfers seeking a challenge.

Sri Lanka: Sun-Kissed Waves for All Levels

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Sri Lanka’s Tropical Surfing Delight

Sri Lanka, blessed with warm temperatures and consistent swells, beckons winter surfers. The island offers a diverse range of waves, making it an excellent destination for both beginners and intermediates seeking an adventure in a tropical paradise.

Surfing Diversity in Sri Lanka

  1. Hikkaduwa: A haven for beginners with its sandy bottom and gentle waves.
  2. Arugam Bay: A hotspot for intermediate surfers, known for its long, peeling waves.


Winter doesn’t mean hanging up your surfboard; it means discovering new shores and perfecting your craft in less crowded lineups. Bali, Morocco, and Sri Lanka provide the ideal combination of warm weather, diverse waves, and a welcoming surf culture. So, pack your bags, wax your board, and experience the joy of surfing in winter at these fantastic destinations.