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Are you looking for the perfect surf destination? Look no further than Portugal. With its stunning coastline and consistent waves, Portugal is a paradise for surfers of all levels. And what better way to experience it all than at a surf camp?

Our surf camp in Portugal offers the ultimate surfing experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, our camp has everything you need to take your surfing skills to the next level. Our experienced instructors provide personalized lessons and guidance to help you master the waves.

So why wait? Book your surf camp adventure in Portugal today and experience the ultimate surfing experience.

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Experience the best surf camp in Portugal and catch some of the world’s finest waves!

Travel Information
About Portugal

Portugal is widely considered to be one of the best surfing destinations in Europe. The country’s long coastline offers a range of surf breaks for all skill levels, from beginner-friendly beach breaks to advanced reef breaks.The best time to go surfing in Portugal is from September to November, when the weather is still warm and the waves are at their biggest. However, Portugal’s surfing season is year-round, so you can catch waves any time of the year.

Portugal also has a thriving surf culture, with many surf schools, camps, and shops located throughout the country. Whether you’re a beginner looking to take your first lesson or an experienced surfer seeking out the biggest waves, there are plenty of options available. When packing for a surf trip to Portugal, it’s important to bring a good wetsuit, as the water can be chilly even in the summer months. Sunscreen and a rash guard are also recommended to protect your skin from the sun and surfboard wax.

Overall, Portugal is a must-visit destination for any surfer looking for great waves, a vibrant surf culture, and stunning scenery.

Solid Surf Camp Portugal

Welcome to Solid Surf Camp Caparica – Portugal. If you’re looking for a surfing adventure in Portugal, Caparica is the perfect destination. Located just south of Lisbon, Caparica is known for its consistent waves and sandy beaches, making it an ideal spot for a surf camp. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, there are plenty of opportunities to catch some waves and improve your skills.

At our surf camp in Caparica, we offer a variety of packages to suit all levels of surfers. Our experienced instructors provide personalized coaching and guidance to help you reach your surfing goals. We also offer yoga classes to help you stretch and relax after a long day in the water.


Our surf camp accommodations are comfortable and convenient, with options for private rooms or shared dorms. You’ll have access to all the amenities you need, including Wi-Fi, a kitchen, and communal spaces to hang out with other surfers.

In addition to surfing, Caparica offers plenty of other activities to keep you entertained. Take a bike ride along the coastline, explore the nearby nature reserve, or try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty of Caparica and the thrill of surfing at our surf camp in Portugal. Book your trip today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

All Surf Camps in Portugal


Experience the best surf camp in Portugal and catch some of the world’s finest waves!

Best Travel Time

Portugal shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean, which has a significant impact on its climate. The coastal regions of Portugal have mild winters and dry, sunny summers. The warmest months are typically July and August, but the refreshing Atlantic winds keep the temperature from getting too hot. During the summer, rainfall in Portugal is minimal. The best months for travel are generally from March to November, as temperatures can dip below 20°C in the spring and autumn, making for quieter line-ups. The sea temperature stays around 20°C until November. With its southern location, Portugal enjoys longer daylight hours than many other countries, even in winter when the days are short in places like Germany. In conclusion, Portugal is an excellent destination for a surf trip year-round.

Air & Water Temperature

During the summer season, the air temperature in Surf Camp Portugal Caparica typically ranges between 26°C to 29°C. The water temperature is pleasantly warm, averaging at around 22°C. In winter, the daytime temperatures are around 22°C, and the water temperature reaches its lowest point in January/February. Nonetheless, you can surf all year round with the appropriate wetsuit. 

Portugal Surf Spot

Caparica, Portugal is a well-known surf spot for surfers of all skill levels. It’s located just 20 minutes south of Lisbon and boasts miles of uninterrupted beach breaks that offer some of the best surfing conditions in Europe.

Caparica’s geography is ideal for surfing. The beaches are wide and the waves break consistently, offering surfers plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect wave. The area is also protected from the winds, which means the waves are generally clean and well-formed.

The best time to surf in Caparica is during the fall and winter months when the swells are at their strongest. During this time, the waves can reach up to 10 feet high, providing surfers with some of the most exhilarating rides of their lives. However, even during the summer months, when the waves are smaller, there are still plenty of opportunities for surfers to catch some great waves.

One of the things that make Caparica such a popular surf spot is its accessibility. There are several surf schools and surf camps in the area that offer lessons and rental equipment, making it easy for beginners to get started. The water is also relatively warm, with temperatures ranging from 15-20°C, making it comfortable for surfing year-round.

Caparica is also home to a vibrant surf culture. The local surf community is welcoming and friendly, making it easy for visitors to feel at home. There are several surf shops and cafes in the area that cater to surfers, making it easy to find the gear and refreshments you need to have a great day on the water.

Overall, Caparica is a great surf spot for surfers of all skill levels. With its consistent waves, warm water, and vibrant surf culture, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular destination. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Caparica is sure to provide you with some unforgettable surf experiences that you’ll treasure for years to come.


Costa da Caparica, Figueira da Foz, and Ericeira are the locations of our Solid Surf Camps in Portugal. The nearest airport is Lisbon for these camps, while Faro is the closest airport for those in the Algarve region. Both Faro and Lisbon airports are well-served by numerous airlines with reasonable rates, with TAP Portugal and Transavia being the major airlines for surfing in Portugal. You can bring your longboards with you without any hassle, although there may be a fee of €50 for boards up to 2 meters in length, and €100 for those over 2 meters, with a maximum weight of 32 kg. In the case of KLM airline, a board bag is included in your luggage allowance, and the board must not exceed 3 meters in length or weigh more than 23 kg.


Affordable flights with surfboards are also provided by EASYJET, where a round trip costs €100 with a maximum weight of 32 kg.

For entry into Portugal, a passport or ID card is mandatory and should not have expired more than a year ago.

Arriving in Portugal via Lisbon by rental car, bus, or train is relatively simple and convenient. Information on bus and train schedules can be found on this website.

All Surf Camps in Portugal


Experience the best surf camp in Portugal and catch some of the world’s finest waves!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Surf Camp Portugal

Surf Camp Caparica Portugal is a surf camp located in the Caparica region of Portugal that offers surfing lessons and accommodation for surfers of all levels.

Surf Camp Caparica Portugal offers a range of accommodation options, including shared dorms, private rooms, and apartments.

No, Surf Camp Caparica Portugal welcomes surfers of all levels, including beginners.

The duration of a surf camp program at Surf Camp Caparica Portugal varies, but most programs last between one and two weeks.

A typical surf camp program at Surf Camp Caparica Portugal includes daily surfing lessons, accommodation, meals, and other activities such as yoga classes and beach cleanups.

Yes, Surf Camp Caparica Portugal provides all necessary surfing equipment, including surfboards and wetsuits.

The best time of year to attend Surf Camp Caparica Portugal is between May and October, when the weather and waves are most favorable.

  1. Yes, Surf Camp Caparica Portugal is open to surfers of all ages, but minors must be accompanied by an adult.


The cancellation policy for Surf Camp Caparica Portugal varies depending on the program, but generally, a cancellation must be made at least 14 days in advance to receive a refund.

No, transportation to and from Surf Camp Caparica Portugal is not included in the program, but the camp can provide recommendations for transportation options.

All Surf Camps in Portugal


Experience the best surf camp in Portugal and catch some of the world’s finest waves!